Levels Edit

Levels are gained by destroying objects in the map, or by destroying other Tanks. For each entity you destroy, you will gain a certain amount of experience. This is a set value and will not increase no matter what level you are. They are granted with each level gain and are used to upgrade your Tank's stats, and, at some levels, advance to the next tier. You can have a maximum of 33 skill points, after that you will stop receiving skill points, just levels to advance to the next tier.. The maximum level is 45; being the level where you can choose your 3rd tier tank.

Upgrades Overview Edit

Each upgrade can be given a maximum of 7 points before they have been maximized.

Health Regen: Increases the rate at which your tank regenerates health after taking damage. Health does not begin to regenerate until after a certain amount of time has passed since you last took damage. Even if you do not invest any points into Health Regen, you will still regenerate health, just at a reduced rate compared to if you did.

Max Health: Increases the maximum amount of health your tank will have. Increasing your maximum health will not affect the rate of Health Regeneration.

Body Damage: Increases the amount of damage dealt when the player comes into contact with another entity.

Bullet Speed: Increases the speed at which the player's bullets fly.

Bullet Penetration: Increases the "health" of each bullet shot by the player. The bullet's lose health the further they travel, and, by default, instantly "die" upon contact with an entity. Increasing the health of the bullet effectively increases the range of the bullet, as well as increasing the amount of targets it can travel through before dying. In the June 6th, 2016 update, Bullet Penetration was tweaked so that bullets do less damage "if they are about to die". Theoretically, this means that bullets deal less damage the further away the target is hit.

Bullet Damage: Increases the damage that bullets will deal to objects and players.

Reload: Increases the fire rate of the tank. For drone-spawning classes it increases the rate of drone spawning, and for the Necromancer the maximum number of drones is increased by two per upgrade.

Movement Speed: Increases the movement speed of the player's tank. Does not affect bullet speed.